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Full VNF Lifecycle Management

Following the ETSI NFV specifications, CloudStudio VNFM (VNF Manager), realizes the automatic full-lifecycle management of VNF, including instantiation, monitoring, repair, expansion, update, backup and so on, to avoid the cumbersome manual operation process, and minimize the potential for human error. CloudStudio VNFM provides a TOSCA-based general VNF Descriptor (VNFD) model to realize rapid integration and unified management of multi-vendor VNFs /APPs, helping operators build an open VNF ecosystem and provide more network services.

CloudStudio VNFM Achievement


CloudStudio VNFM has achieved unified management on 30+ third-partyVNFs /APPs, and has been rated as industry leader by global leading IT and telecomm consulting company GlobalData.

Products Advantages

VNF Lifecycle Management

Automatic and Intelligent Management

Unified Management of the 3rd VNFs

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • VNF/APP lifecycle management

    ZTE VNFM supports flexible access management of VNF/APP from the third party, and VNF/APP lifecycle management including version package registration, auto deployment, scaling, expansion, termination, etc. Lower OPEX, energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved by scaling.
  • Auto deployment

    ZTE VNFM deploys VNF automatically cooperating with NFVO, and supports multi-VNF concurrent auto deployment, system fulfillment enhancement, network deployment period reduction, fast service time to market.

  • Centralized management and intelligent O&M

    ZTE VNFM supports centralized management and unified view of VNF resource across domains, vendors, and vendors. It also supports active finding problems and making optimization policy to improve network quality, expert knowledge database auto generation after VNF/VIM alarms correlation and root causes analysis; and fast system recovery.
  • Open source

    ZTE VNFM complies with ETSI MANO specification, and the proposals add up to more than 100. ZTE VNFM actively participates in open source technologies: premier member of OPEN-O, the 2nd contribution ranking, PTL in four projects (GVNFM/Policy/Holmes/COMMON). ZTE VNFM utilizes adaptors for flexible expansion with 20+ VNF integration experience.

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