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Large-Capacity Cloud Native User Data Platform Helps to Build the Convergent Data Network

The convergence of IT and communications is forcing network intelligence to service layer. The data management concept proposed by the telecom industry is user data convergence (UDC) to introduce a centralized user data management: all the data of the same user that are distributed in different network elements shall be integrated in one device; the data contents includes terminal data, access data, service data, policy data, and so on. UDC stores all the user data, avoids data redundancy on different NEs to conserve resources, and simplifies data configuration and management, to ensure data consistency, reliability, and safety. It facilitates integration with current systems to reduce OPEX and accelerate service innovation. The BE (back end) unified storage can support rich FE (front-end) applications. For the present, there are three categories: unified mobility management, unified policy control and unified signaling route; a total of over a dozen FE applications.

Products Advantages

Cloud Native Architecture
Stateless design
Layered and modular

Extreme Elasticity

NFs/NFSs can be divided and combined.
On-demand elasticity

High Reliability, Strong Security

Multi-dimensional disaster recovery mechanism
Multi-dimensional data encryption and protection

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