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ZXUN DSC integrates multiple NEs such as DRA, STP, IWF, MNP, and SLF. And it supports Diameter/No.7 signaling access and interconnection of the 2G/3G/4G/IMS networks, and various kinds of signaling routing service. In addition, convergent DSC reduces the quantity of NEs, and greatly simplify signaling networking of carriers.

As DRA, ZXUN DSC supports central routing, policy binding, load balancing and edge routing, etc.

AS STP, ZXUN DSC supports TDM STP and IP STP with central routing and edge routing, etc.

"One " Convergent Signaling Network

Multi-Signaling NEs Convergence to Simplify Deployment

DRA/STP/SLF/MNP/FNR/EIR/… convergence
Applicable to 2/3/4G/IMS… network
Signaling interworking gateway

Flexible Routing, Easy Operation and Maintenance

Rich routing
Integrated DEA, topology hiding
Flexible signaling routing script

High Reliability and High Security to Build a Care-free Network

Signaling firewall
Inter-network signaling settlement
Multiple disaster recovery mechanisms
Latest Function
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Major Function
  • Diameter Routing Function

    Diameter routing function includes routing based on application ID and realm name , incoming peer ID, host name, command code subscriber ID(IMSI,MSISDN,PUI,PVI),etc.
  • SS7 Routing Function

    SS7 routing function includes: routing on MTP3/M3UA layer, routing on SCCP layer, routing on MAP layer.
  • Diameter Signaling Screening Function

    Interworking of Diameter signaling networks constructed by different carriers facilitates service cooperation but also incurs network attacks through illegal signaling. The carriers need to screen illegal requests in Diameter signaling to make the Diameter signaling network more secure and reliable. Diameter signaling screening screens illegal request messages in Diameter signaling to enhance security and reliability of the Diameter signaling network.
  • SS7 Signaling Screening Function

    Similar to Diameter Signaling Screening, SS7 signaling screening screens illegal request messages in SS7 signaling to enhance security and reliability of the SS7 signaling network. SS7 Signaling Screening includes: screening on MTP3/M3UA layer, screening on SCCP layer, screening on MAP layer.
  • MNP

    Mobile Number Portability is a service that enables subscribers to retain their existing numbers when they switch from one operator to another. MNP NE provides the query of subscriber home operator and HLR according to its subscriber number.
  • SLF

    Along with the telecom service development, the mapping between single subscriber id and its home UDC NE is becoming necessary. SLF determines the subscriber's home UDC NE according to it unique subscriber number (not according to subscriber number range).
  • IWF

    In the development of network, the stage of different network is always different. e.g. the network of operator A is 3G, the network of operator B is 4G. When different networks need to interwork, interworking equipment is needed to translate the different signaling between different networks.