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2/3/4/5G/IMS Unified Data Management

ZXUN USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform) provides a perfect UDC / SDM solution which realizes the centralized management of subscriber data and service data, and provides unified data portal and open interfaces.

ZXUN USPP has supported a variety of FE applications, including GSM HLR, UMTS HLR, CDMA HLRe, FNR, MNP, EIR, SLF, IMS HSS, EPC HSS, AAA, SPR, ENUM, UDM, AUSF, and so on, which is beneficial to achieve convergence of different application network elements, reduce TCO, and speed up service deployment.

ZXUN USPP supports legacy carrier-class ATCA-based deployment and various virtualization deployment solutions to meet flexible deployment requirements from carriers and government / enterprise customers. In order to further reduce TCO and accelerate new service innovation / deployment,

ZXUN USPP system supports universal computing COTS server, universal storage equipment, universal switch equipment, and various virtualization platform deployed or running in the data center.

Products Advantages

Full Convergence, Smooth Evolution
2/3/4/5G/IMS data convergence
Unified FE architecture, resource sharing
New service provisioning through adding a license

Large Capacity, High Stability

100-million-user capacity per set of equipment
Stability 99.9999%
Multiple disaster recovery mechanisms

Strong Security, Data Protection

Omni-directional safety protection mechanism
Meeting multinational data protection requirements
Protecting data from being exposed

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Visualization Features

    Automatic deployment, simple capacity expansion, elastic stretch, self-healing.
  • UDS functions

    UDS (Universal Directory Server) provides a perfect UDC/SDM Solution which realizes the centralized management of the subscriber data and service data, and provides unified data portal and open interfaces. And  it is based on a full-distributed and layered system architecture to save more TCO (CAPEX and OPEX) and promote services innovation for carriers and government/enterprise customer
  • EPC HSS Network Element functions

    ZXUN USPP (EPC vHSS) is a database to store user data and services. It is a comprehensive database for storage of EPS user's subscription information, including basic identification, routing information, and service information. And it can be deployed in convergence with HLR/AUC or independently to provide flexible user data, and support 2G/3G/LTE profile.
  • HLR Network Element functions

    ZXUN USPP (vHLR) complies with 3GPP standards and provides open interface to outside. ZXUN USPP (vHLR) provides corresponding user's information to 3G PLMN network, including user's basic service subscription information, supplementary service subscription information and position information. It also provides user security management function. ZXUN USPP (vHLR) can evolve into EPC HSS and IMS HSS smoothly. ZXUN USPP (vHLR) provides flexible deployment capability: deployed with MNP/EIR/CDMA HLRe and providing converged services.
  • IMS Network Element functions

    ZXUN USPP (IMS vHSS) complies with 3GPP R7, 3GPP2 and TISPAN standards and provides open interface to outside. ZXUN USPP (IMS vHSS) provides flexible user data, supports management of many IMPUs and many IMPVs, supports management of subscriber subscription information, personalized Service Profile and implicit registration set by Sp interface. ZXUN USPP (IMS vHSS) has flexible deployment ability and can be deployed in convergence with HLR/AUC or independently.
  • EIR Network Element functions

    ZXUN USPP (vEIR) contains one or more databases which store(s) the IMEIs attributes as "white listed", "grey listed" or "black listed". ZXUN USPP (vEIR) supports multiple network management functions and can support GSM/UMTS network, LTE network, CDMA network simultaneously.
  • UDM fuctions

    ZXUN USPP (UDM) supports the UDM function in 5G network. As a unified data management device, it provides services for AMF, SMF, SMSF, AUSF, NEF and GMLC via service-based Nudm interfaces.

  • AUSF functions

    ZXUN USPP (AUSF) authenticates UE for the requester NF under 3GPP access and untrusted non-3GPP access and provides security key material. AUSF provides authentication service for AMF via Nausf service-based interface.