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Convergent Data Center

The ZXUN USPP(UDS) (UDS: Universal Directory Server) is a distributed and highly extensible database management system based on the access of memory data. It is a user-centered real-time and elastic distributed data platform, which stores user, service and network data in the directory tree mode.

As the BE (Back End) of the ZTE USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform), the UDS provides carrier-grade convergent user data management.

The UDS can also act as an independent data platform to store third-party data, and allow the third-party applications to access the data stored in the UDS through the LDAP/SOAP interface.

ZXUN UDS has evolved into a CUDR (Cloud Unified Data Repository). Oriented to the 5G era, it is a highly reliable, large-capacity and highly integrated super-convergent database that provides open interfaces, simplifies network deployment, accelerates the deployment of new services, promotes service innovation, and helps operators provide competitive integrated services.

Products Advantages

Convergent DB
UDC architecture
Full convergent data
Open standard interface

High Reliability

N+K geological disaster tolerance
Multi-level backup and restoration
Multi-level overload control

Strong Security

Data privacy protection
Data access control
Data validity check

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Supporting multiple data access interfaces

    Supporting access of 2/3/4/5G and IMS NEs, and providing unified data storage and management

  • High-performance in-memory database engine

    Supporting structured and unstructured data storage, and providing flexible data models for high-performance data access

  • View control

    Different views are returned in accordance with application tenant IDs and data types. Strict ACL data access control is used, and data storage and access are strictly isolated.

  • Streamline O&M

    Life cycle management and O&M by service level and NE level as required.

  • Multi-dimensional data protection

    Data privacy protection, sensitive data encryption, data consistency check, and strict security audit

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