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ZXRCS Introduction

RCS is a series of GSMA standards defined rich communication services for IMS network, including instant message, voice calling and presence based on user MSISDN. As a principal member of GSMA, ZTE takes an active participation in RCS technical specifications. ZTE offers an end-to-end RCS solution based on specification. Besides basic IM functions such as 1-1 Message, Group Chat and File Transfer, ZTE RCS also supports enhanced functions, such as IP Voice Call, Video Call, Conference, Enriched Calling, Sketch, Real-time Location Sharing, Multi-device Messaging, Presence, NAB and Message Store, etc. ZTE RCS can integrate the capability of existing message, voice, video, conference, location and smart pipe, make full use of the advantage of operators’ telecommunication network, and provide one-stop synthetic and open services for consumer, family and enterprise together with the Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) business solution.

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Support flexible deployment modes

    According to the demands of an operator and its existing network, ZTE can provide a best networking solution. The ZTE RCS solution can provide the following networking solution:

    • RCS and Independent IMS
    • RCS and VoLTE IMS/Fixed Network IMS
    • Hosting RCS and IMS
    • Deactivated IMS solution
  • Support various kinds of terminals

    The ZTE RCS solution supports different types of terminals, including Android and iOS mobile phones, PADs and Web ports. In addition to its self-developed applications, it can also support the clients that are provided by the 3rd party to meet the GSMA RCS specification. It supports interacting with mainstream terminal vendors’ Native terminals and putting them into business application.

  • CMA architecture based

    The ZTE RCS solution, which is based on the CMA architecture, can integrate services such as SMSC, MMSC, WAPGW, and IPSMGW into one platform and meet demands such as unified user management, unified O&M, unified interface, unified log, unified report, and unified portal.

  • Bi-directional capability exposing

    The ZTE RCS solution can expose API and SDK capabilities to its collaborators. On the platform side, it exposes the API capability to permit the 3rd party platform to access the RCS platform through the API capability to provide its RCS users with services. On the terminal side, it provides SDKs to integrate terminal applications to permit different kinds of terminals to use the RCS service. The exposure of RCS capability can assist operators to expand the RCS capability to more individual, family and enterprise application scenarios.

  • Support multi-ID function

    A user can use the RCS service at the same time on multiple different devices. After using the major number to enter one client, the user can set binding multiple minor numbers with the major number, including work number, private number, and family number.

    The multi-ID function can let the user contact different persons by using different numbers to protect the user privacy.

  • Gated launch

    ZTE RCS supports the gated launch function. Gated launch is that when a version is released, it is tried firstly in a small scale, and then gradually expanded in massive deployment mode. Gated launch is one of important methods to ensure that the RCS terminal users can have a good perception to realize rapid deployment of services in the premise of not affecting the experiences of the majority of RCS users. 

  • RCS interoperability

    ZTE can provide RCS HUB which supports RCS interconnection between different operators.

  • Fully comply to the latest specification

    ZTE finished GSMA UP1.0 certificaiton firstly. It comprehensively supports GSMA UP1.0/UP2.0/UP2.2 latest standards and OMA CPM latest protocol standards.

  • E2E MaaP solution

    ZTE RCS can provide one-stop business template message, chatbot service which meets the demand of E2E MaaP/RBM user experience.