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RCS is a series of GSMA standards defined rich communication services for IMS network, including instant message, voice calling and presence based on user MSISDN. As a principal member of GSMA, ZTE takes an active participation in RCS technical specifications. ZTE offers an end-to-end RCS solution based on specification. Besides basic IM functions such as 1-1 Message, Group Chat and File Transfer, ZTE RCS also supports enhanced functions, such as IP Voice Call, Video Call, Conference, Enriched Calling, Sketch, Real-time Location Sharing, Multi-device Messaging, Presence, NAB and Message Store, etc.

ZTE RCS can integrate the capability of existing message, voice, video, conference, location and smart pipe, make full use of the advantage of operators’ telecommunication network, and provide one-stop synthetic and open services for consumer, family and enterprise together with the Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) business solution.

Latest Function
If you want to know the latest functions, please send email to SDNFV@zte.com.cn to apply for VIP user.
Major Function
  • Support Multi-network Deployment

    Support flexible deploymnet according to the operator's requirement:

    • Local RCS + local IMS
    • Hosting RCS + local IMS
    • Hosting RCS + hosting IMS
    • Thin RCS solution
  • Shared IMS with VoLTE

    Support shared IMS with VoLTE to protect operator's investment

  • RCS interoperability

    Provide RCS HUB for global RCS interoperability

  • Geography Redundancy

    Support 2 sites geography redundancy solution and provide multi-layer redundancy including access layer, application layer and data layer

  • Roaming Access

    Allow end users to access the roaming SBC

  • Multi-ID

    One primary ID can bind with multiple vice numbers which can be real or virtual

  • Enterprise Solution

    RCS provides business access through API to allow the enterprise provide services to end users. And they can use the basic RCS service, as well as conference, enterprise message, email notification, enterprise calling, etc.