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RCS Creates New Value of Communication

RCS is a series of GSMA standards defined rich communication services for IMS network, including instant message, voice calling and presence based on user MSISDN. As a principal member of GSMA, ZTE takes an active participation in RCS technical specifications. ZTE offers an end-to-end RCS solution based on specification including IMS, RCS AS, MaaP, RCS HUB, and SDK. 

RCS Upgrades Telco's Basic Communicaiton

RCS upgrades traditional SMS service to provide rich media messaging capabilities and new business messaging service entrance. Its Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) based RCS business messaging comprehensively upgrade the service interaction methods between enterprises and individual users. Business brands push personalized services to users through image, videos, rich cards, menus, and etc. Users can enjoy one-stop business experience such as service discovery, search, interaction, and payment in the message window itself based on the native SMS entry.

Advantages of RCS service

  • No need to install
  • No need to regeister and login
  • 100% reachable, RCS delivers messages based on MSISDN and supports a multi-level fallback mechanism to ensure that messages are 100% delivered;
  • Ultra-low customer acquisition costs, the brands directly push services through MSISDN, with few intermediate links and low customer acquisition costs;
  • Global interoperability, RCS based on the international standard supports the interoperability of global operators;
  • Openness, developers and enterprises can directly develop services based on standard APIs.

RCS as core of 5G messaging 

GSMA NG.114 specification defines RCS as a mandatory service for 5G terminals, RCS provides rich communication and business messaging service under 5G network which is now the core service of 5G messaging. 

Products Advantages

Fully compliant to the standards
Fully compliant to GSMA UP2.4 specification
First batch to achieve UP1.0 accreditation

End-to-end RCS solution

End-to-end solution including IMS, RCS, MaaP, HUB,and SDK
Lightweight IMS solution for flexible deployment

Best Commercial Preformance

100+ million subs commercial deployment experience
Mainstream IMS vendor, 1000+ native device IoT experience

Latest Function

If you want to know the latest functions, please send email to to apply for VIP user.

Major Function

  • Standard Messaging function

    ZXRCS provides standard function following the UP standard, such as device provisioning, 1-1 chat, group chat, file transfer, audio message, API exposure, Maap, and etc.

  • MaaP Function

    ZXRCS supports of MaaP function following the latest GSMA UP2.4 specification, which provides mixed message of images and texts, chatbot message, CSS, fixed menu, and embedded web browser functions.

  • Advanced Function

    ZXRCS provides more advanced function, such as broadcast message, NAB, user profile, group delivery notification, IPv6, gated launch, SDK for 3rd party integration, and RCS HUB.