ZXR10 V6000 Virtual Broadband Multi-Service Gateway

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ZXR10 V6000 Virtual Broadband Multi-Service Gateway

ZXR10 V6000 Virtual Broadband Multi
Based upon the key ideology of the SDN/NFV, the ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS designed with separate control and forwarding planes as well as decoupled software and hardware enables virtualized and cloudified service control on the control plane, which accordingly gives convenience to fast deployment of new services and centralized control of OAM. Not only does the device carry all the services running on the traditional BRAS, it but also brings in improved availability, reliability and huge benefits for broadband services. All in all, it is an optimal choice for operators to build smart and virtualized MAN edges.
Latest Function
If you want to know the latest functions, please send email to SDNFV@zte.com.cn to apply for VIP user.
Major Function
  • Carrier-class and evolvable network architecture

    The separate control and forwarding architecture of the ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS allows the control plane to use software virtualization to overcome the resource shortness encountered by the traditional BRAS devices to implement the service control. The NP-based high-performance forwarding pool answers the call of massive sessions and high bandwidth of carrier-class broadband networks.

    The X86 forwarding pool coexisting with the NP-based high-performance forwarding pool on the network shares the sessions known for low bandwidth and weak QoS. The combination of the two forwarding pools that leads to synergic optimization of the operator’s network services and resources facilitates the development of the operator’s network elements and network architecture at the same time.

  • Full-service and highly reliable networks

    The ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS is entrusted with all capability of the existing BRAS/SR: BRAS services based upon full virtualization, hybrid SR services, powerful CGN service and high-performance H-QoS make full service coverage come true. 

    The cloudified control plane and naturally pooled high-performance forwarding pool enable more reliable network elements; All the components on the control layer running in redundant backup modes enables seamless service switchover when single component breaks down; Perfect load balance and elastic scaling feature ensures rational utilization of the resources on the control plane; And protection offered by the forwarding pool and inborn load redundancy are more flexible and reliable than the hot backup technology of the traditional BRAS.

  • Full-graphics and superfast management platform

    The ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS uses TECS the self-developed virtualization management platform to download the vBRAS template packages via one touch, to create vBRAS instances rapidly and to display vBRAS logical topology clearly. It enables superfast one-touch instance deployment.

    The unified full graphic network management adopted on both the control and forwarding planes brings in clearer network resources, more transparent service quality and simper troubleshooting. It greatly reduces OAM workload while enhancing the OAM efficiency.