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Integration Introduction

cloud integration introduction

As a disruptive technological change, NFV provides more open architecture, easier deployment of services and faster period of innovation for telcos through software/hardware decoupling and hardware generalization; meanwhile, it can reduce the OPEX and promote operation efficiency.

From the architecture, NFV involves many vendors and interfaces, thus the deployment of NFV is very complex, and NFV system cloud integration faces many challenges, such as immature standard, incomplete ecosystem, problem analysis & obscure location boundary, unfamiliar services with frequent update and difficulty in guaranteeing reliability. However, ZTE is dedicated to being the best partners of operators for ICT transformation; it will assist operators to complete design, deployment, verification, O&M, so as to provide one-stop end to end cloud integration solutions and system cloud integration services based on its solid telecom & IT service knowledge.

Value of Customers

*Accelerating Service Launching

ZTE has already had mature spare parts center & logistics system; it performs pre-integration verification on NFV integrated solutions based on NFV open lab, which can guarantee CSPs' new requirement and new service launching operation immediately with standard delivery procedure and visual quality monitoring management system of full procedure, so as to seize market opportunities.

*Open Ecosystem

ZTE establishes NFV commercial ecosystem together with mainstream vendors in each layering field based on NFV layering architecture, performing jointed plan & verification of product cloud integration solution and technical collaboration innovation based on the concept of openness & open source.

*Carrier-Grade Reliability

Under NFV layering architecture, ZTE NFV system integration solutions perform highly reliable architecture design on each layering; multiple geographic areas disaster tolerance mechanism for NFVI resource pool, HA mechanism for VIM management layer, light weight stateless logic for VNF layer software price re-design as well as software & hardware combination implements performance acceleration plan, thus NFV new cloud network still has high reliability of classical telecom devices.

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