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Integration Tool Introduction

The integration tool AIC suite solidifies enhancement and optimization of the system to the tool, realizing E2E services from automated design, deployment to test, which can effectively reduce the investment in virtual integration deployment and network establishment (TCO).

The integration tool AIC suite comprises three parts of iDevise (planning & design), iDeploy (installation & deployment) and iTest (automatic test). In NFV network establishment, iDevise is responsible for the automatic planning of virtual network, including bearer planning, NFVI planning, VNFs planning and so on; outputting LLD planning & design file, and importing the file to iDeploy, which then completes one-click deployment & automatic installation of the system. Finally, iTest tool invokes test cases automatically and completes test and verification of the functions and performance.

Products Advantages

Shorten delivery time
Shortens integration delivery time and speeds up service launching.

Reduce the demands on staff skills

Lowers the technology requirements. An operation staff can complete provisioning with the understanding of how to use the tool.
The design tool provides a configuration wizard, the operation staff just needs to set a few planning parameters for each layer, the operation is simple, the planning and design are more standard, accurate, efficient and easy-to-use.

Zero intervention, automatic deployment

The deployment tool requires zero intervention and provides automatic deployment, it displays the deployment progress and logs in real-time.
The AIC toolkit provides E2E design, deployment and test services, relieving users from tedious and repetitive operations.
The AIC toolkit enforces validity check in design and deployment, avoiding rework caused by human error.
The deployment tool checks environment before the deployment and verifies correctness after the deployment, guarantee correctness and reliability of the deployment.
Based on the cloud test services provided by the OpenLab, the test tool provides network automatic test capability, improving the test efficiency.

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Design tool iDevise

    The design tool provides a GUI. After entering the configuration parameters and resource required by hardware layer, virtual layer, MANO and service layer deployment, the tool generates LLD files for each layer automatically, preparing for network deployment.

    The design tool includes:

    • Virtual layer design

    Includes network design (IP, VLAN and etc.), server design, storage design, available domain design, virtual layer version management and so on.

    • MANO layer design

    Includes MANO network design (IP, VLAN and etc.), tenant design, VM specification design, MANO version management and so on.

    • Service layer design

    Includes service NE network design (IP, VLAN and etc.), VNF ID design, tenant design, VM specification design, VNF version management and so on.

  • Deployment tool iDeploy

    After importing LLD design file, the tool completes deployment and basic configuration for virtual layer, MANO layer and service layer according to parameters in the LLD file automatically, and then the First Call can get through.

    The deployment tool completes the following work:

    • Virtual layer installation & deployment

    Includes hardware environment check, uploading version, starting VM, PXE service, loading version, host discovery, version installation, creating host set and so on.

    • MANO layer installation & deployment

    Includes environment check, uploading version, tenant creation, NFVO VM deployment, NFVO OMM installation, NFVO configuration, VNFM VM deployment, VNFM OMM installation, VNFM configuration and so on.

    • Instantiation of service NEs

    Includes environment check, tenant creation, cloud hard disk type creation, network creation, uploading version package, importing basic package, fast creation of version package, instantiation, basic office configuration and so on.

  • Test tool iTest

    The test tool provides abundant test case repository based on ZTE OpenLab, users can download test case package as you need from the cloud to your test environment/site and execute, and output a test report to complete function/performance test on virtual layer and service layer. This test tool platform is designed to promote automatic test capability of NFV network.

    The test tool completes the following work:

    • Test case management

    Test cases are maintained and managed in the cloud test center, the test tool can download and import the cases in remote manner.

    • Test task management

    Includes test task management, test task execution, test report and test log.

    • Virtual layer test

    Includes function and performance test of virtual layer.

    • Service layer test

    Includes function and performance test of service NEs, currently vEPC and 5GC NEs are supported.