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Pre-integration Introduction

According to the customers' network architecture and the technology architecture evolution object, integrate multi-vendor devices in the way of pre-integration verification depending on ZTE OpenLab or the operator's TestBed, implement carrier-class reliability of the system, so as to come up with NFV integration solution that features with fast deployment, security, stability, and agile operation.

Pre-integration services support various scenarios, including:

  • ZTE leaded NFV system integration solution, pre-integrated in ZTE lab.
  • ZTE leaded NFV system integration solution, pre-integrated in the operator's lab.
  • Operator leaded NFV system integration solution, pre-integrated in the operator's lab.

Highlights of products:

  • Decrease the risk of integration delivery

Pre-integration system reduces errors in integration test planning/execution.

  • Realize carrier-class reliability

Pre-test on single modules and the system improves the reliability of the entire system.

  • Speed up service launching

Pre-integration test of different vendors' devices in ZTE OpenLab guarantees good interoperability between different vendors' devices, greatly shortening the time before launching a new system .

  • Generate complete pre-integration solution (multi-vendor devices)

Executes pre-integration verification for the integration scenario of different vendors' devices, and performance tuning according to the market requirements and ZTE's active planning, finally comes up with a complete integration solution. Customers can implement commercial deployment based on the scenario from ZTE integration solution repository directly.


Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Planning & design

    Integration design includes:

    • Analyzing requirement
    • Writing HLD plan
    • Writing integration plan
    • Developing test case
  • Integration development

    Integration development includes:

    • Sub-system planning
    • Developing interface docking
    • Developing integration tool
  • Pre-integration test

    Pre-integration test includes:

    • Preparing environment
    • Automatic deployment
    • NFVI integration test 
    • MANO integration test 
    • VNF integration test 
  • Pre-integration test report

    Pre-integration test report includes:

    • Analyzing test result
  • Pre-integration delivery documentation

    • Project guidance documentation
    • Integration toolkits