Simplified Network

Building efficient, intelligent, and open telecom clouds

PSI Introduction

With telecom network gradually developing from hardware & software integration to hardware & software decoupling, virtualization, resource pooling and cloudification, the operators are facing many challenges from multi-vendor management, procedure coordination, vertical interconnection and so on. How to establish a virtual network in an effective and agile way is an urgent issue for the operators in current network evolution.

ZTE PSI service selects various technologies and products with communication industry's complete and E2E products lines and integration solution according to the customer's problems and challenges in network virtualization establishment. By taking the lead in coordination and integration of sub-systems of vendors, and integrating them as a complete, reliable and effective virtual network, it enables coordination of them so as to produce overall benefit and realize optimal performance.

Highlights of products:

  • Flexible integration verification

Provides customized verification plan and scheme, detects and solves compatibility problem among products of vendors in advance, decreases commercial risks.

  • One-click installation & deployment

Zero intervention, E2E silent one-click installation speeds up network deployment greatly.

  • Accelerate new service launching

OpenLab pre-integration realizes fast iteration of products and lab established together with operators accelerates service innovation.

  • Carrier-class reliability

Guarantees module-level and system-level reliability, optimizes model and SLA according to E2E service assessment report.

  • Open ecosystem

Relying on OpenLab, ZTE has established partner ecosystem for broad cooperation with global main-stream vendors.


Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Hardware integration

    For multiple hardware vendors and various hardware models involved in virtual network resource pool establishment, helps the customers complete design, deployment, test and verification of resource pool quickly and systematically, covering compute servers, network switches, storage servers and so on.

  • Software integration

    In the case of virtual network with decoupled software & hardware and separated establishment, helps the customers complete design, deployment, test and verification of multi-layer software such as Hypervisor, VNF and MANO quickly, as well as services supporting efficient system operation.

  • E2E integration

    According to the customer's requirement of overall network establishment, ZTE, as a primary integrator, coordinates with vendors on each layer completing E2E design, deployment, test and verification from underlying hardware to upper layer service applications as well as the services supporting efficient system operation.