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Cloud Resource Pool (NFVI) Introduction

TECS Cloud Resource Pool ( NFVI ) Solution is based on OpenStack, the leading open source cloud management project in the industry, and integrates mainstream computing virtualization technologies (KVM, Docker), storage virtualization technology (Ceph), network virtualization technology, and SDN technologies, etc. Besides, multi-dimensional enhancements have been made on performance, reliability, and O&M capabilities to achieve carrier-grade quality. The network functions virtualization infrastructure ( NFVI ) solution includes the following sub products: TECS Cloud Operation System, TECS vSuite Cloud Platform, TECS Container Cloud Platform and TECS CloveStorage, the Distributed Storage System.

TECS Cloud Operating System(NFVI

Based on KVM and OpenStack, it provides the ability of virtualization and management of computing resources. This product has an open architecture, widely compatible with multiple vendors’ IT hardware devices, and provides telecom enhancements to ensure high reliability (> 99.999%) and high performance close to the physical devices.

TECS vSuite Cloud Platform (NFVI)

IT industry-oriented virtualized resource pool management platform, which manages the underlying cloud resources and provides standard interfaces up to OpenStack Cloud Platform for docking.

ZTE TECS OpenPaletter is a PaaS platform based on the container and Kubernetes cluster management technologies and leveraging the micro-service framework to achieve the convergence of ICT. It implements all-round enhancement to Kubernetes including security, network, storage, computing, cluster management and platform deployment, to provide telcos with an integrated cloud native virtualization environment for application development, O&M and hosting.

TECS CloveStorage 

It adopts CEPH as distributed storage engine to integrate the storage resources on the servers into a logical resource pool and provide industry-standard object storage, file storage and block storage interfaces for the upper-layer business. The NFVI solution has significant influence on the development process of cloud infrastructure solution. The Cloud Resource Pool ( NFVI ) solution launched by ZTE are designed with high performance in mind. The NFV industry generally adopts OpenStack as the first platform of NFVI. TECS is based on OpenStack with the NFV accelerated features.

ZTE`s TECS Cloud Resource Pool ( NFVI ) Solution passed all tests by the OpenStack Powered Platform. The NFVI solution can effectively meet the current network requirements of operators and enterprise customers. ZTE has completed the automatic deployment of Virtual Network Function (VNF) and Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure ( NFVI ) in an SDN controller architecture. ZTE is committed to the development of virtualized network technologies and has made great progress in the development of the network functions virtualization infrastructure ( NFVI ) solution. ZTE’s industry-leading MANO solutions support flexible orchestration of physical resources, virtual resources, VNF and network services, providing end-to-end integrated management and O&M of NFVI, VIM and VNF layers to help customers shorten service time-to-market and reduce operating expenses. The openness and compatibility of ZTE’s NFV technologies also help promote and accelerate commercialization and large-scale deployment by operators.

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