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CORD Planning Platform

CORD planning platform
With the technology development trend of ‘network on demand, elastic deployment and rapid configuration’, the domestic and international mainstream operators start to take intelligent as the main feature for building a new generation DC network architecture which is simple, intensive, agile and open. The future network resource management and planning platform (CORD planning platform) , the core of this new generation network is DC, realizes the overall renovation and reconstruction planning of the CO network rooms at different levels and DC future-oriented networks. With the deployment of different scenarios including government, enterprise, home, mobile and operation and maintenance, the CO rooms were transformed into a network DC. Through high-quality assets selected by configuration strategies and driven by business requirements, the new generation of networks will achieve DC reconstruction.The front-end of CORD planning platform is presented with a visualized graphical UI. The specified locations of provinces or cities machine rooms could be shown beautifully and the connections with backbones networks also could be displayed through this UI. It provides a clear guide for the facilities structure, including strategies and principles of the calculations, which can bring the convenience for site selection and resource reservation. The statistics results of machine room’s data and reconstruction projects could be shown in pages, and the future requirements and realities could be shown visually. The whole platform design style is concise, and completely show the DC network maintenance norms and standards which are useful for operators to provide future network operation and maintenance and also enhance the process management of overall operation.


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Latest Function
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Major Function
  • Province, city/county page view

    Display the information of province, city/ county CO/DC and fiber optical cables in the web page.

  • Network resource management

    The edit right of optical fiber’s information related with CO machine buildings and DC machine rooms is limited.

  • DC layout planning

    CO value evaluation, DC resource calculation, layout and site selection, and resource allocation.

  • DC room renovation requirement

    Construction demand forecast, annual plan and project tracking.

  • Data statistics and report analysis

    Overall statistical view, data report query and construction project statistics.

  • User management

    Role and user management, organization and zone configuration, menu and log management.