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AIC Auto Integration Platform Introduction

The AIC auto integration platform realizes the auto design, deployment and test of an NFV system. Meanwhile, it solidifies classical manual system enhancement and optimization, so as to shorten the construction time effectively and decrease virtual integration deployment and network establishment cost.

The AIC auto integration platform consists of planning & design iDevise, installation deployment iDeploy and auto test iTest;

  1. iDevise completes auto planning of virtual network, including bearer planning, NFVI planning, and VNFs planning.
  2. iDeploy imports the files such as LLD from iDevise completing auto installation deployment of NFV system.
  3. iTest automatically invokes test cases to complete the test and verification of functions, performance , reliability and so on.
[Product Highlights]

  • Simplify the design input.

With the configuration wizard, it is only required to input a few planning parameters of each layer, and thus the operations are easy and simple, the planning & design is more standard, correct, high efficient and easy to use.

  • Zero intervention, auto deployment

The deployment tool realizes zero intervention & auto deployment, and displays the deployment progress and log information in real time.

The AIC tool kit provides the E2E design, deployment and test services for solving tedious and repetitive operations.

The AIC tool kit performs legality checking during design and deployment to avoid rework caused by human errors.

The deployment tool checks the environment before deployment and verifies the correctness after deployment to guarantee correctness and reliability of the deployment.

The test tool provides the auto network test capability based on the cloud test service of ZTE Openlab to improve test efficiency.

  • Visualization

Visualized tool execution procedure: Display the execution progress in real time;

Visualized tool execution result: You can query the deployment report and deployment duration immediately;

Visualized execution error prompt: You can query anomaly and log information.

  • Opening

Open architecture: It provides an extendable interface framework, and implements the auto design and deployment of third-party devices with plug-ins.

Open interface: It provides northbound interfaces and can perform integration with third-party tool links.

Major Function

  • Design tool iDevise

    The devise tool provides GUI, so you just need to input the configuration parameters and deploy resources of hardware layer, virtual layer, MANO and service layer.. The iDevise generates LLD files of each layer preparing for the network deployment. The devise tool includes:

    • Virtual layer devise

    Includes network devise (IP address, VLAN and etc.), server devise, storage devise, available zone devise, and virtual layer version management.

    • MANO layer devise

    Includes MANO network devise (IP address, VLAN and etc.), tenant devise, VM standard devise, and MANO version management.

    • Service layer devise

    Includes service NE network devise (IP address, VLAN and etc.), VNF ID devise, tenant devise, VM standard devise and VNF version management.

  • Deployment tool iDeploy

    Import LLD file: The tool completes the deployment of virtual layer, MANO layer and service layer, as well as basic configuration automatically based on the parameters of the LLD file. The First Call of the service can be successful, and the deployment tool completes:

    • Installation deployment of virtual layer

    Includes checking the hardware environment, uploading versions, starting VMs, PXE services, loading versions, host discovery, installing versions, and creating host aggregations.

    • Installation deployment of MANO layer

    Includes checking environment, uploading versions, creating tenants, deploying NFVO VMs, installing NFVO OMM, configuring NFVO, deploying VNFM VMs, installing VNFM OMM, and configuring VNFM.

    • Instantiation of service NE

    Includes checking the environment, creating tenants, creating cloud disk types, creating a network, uploading version packages, importing basic packages, creating version packages quickly, instantiation, and basic site configuration.

  • Test tool iTest

    The test tool provides a test case library based on the ZTE Openlab environment. The users can download test case packages from the cloud on demand and execute them in the test environment/sites, iTest outputs the test reports and completes function/performance test of virtual layer and service layer, the test tool platform is to accelerate and promote auto NFV network test capability, and the test tool completes:

    • Test case management

    The cloud test center maintains and manages the test cases uniformly, and the test tool can download and import test cases remotely;

    • Test task management

    Includes test task management, test task execution, test report and test logs;

    • Virtual layer test

    Includes the function and performance test of virtual layer;

    • Service layer test

    Includes the function and performance test of service NEs;