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ZTE CMA+ building future-oriented messaging solution

ZTE CMA+ solution provides fully converged messaging solution with CMA(SMS/MMS/USSD/IPSMGW/VMS/LBS) and 5G Messaging service(SMSF/5GMC/5G IoT MSG). It supports NFV and is compatiable with mainstream VM resouce deployment. ZTE CMA+ also supports full 2G/3G/4G/5G messaging network elements. It can help the operators to reduce TCO and realize smooth network evolution.

ZTE, as leading converged messaging solution provider, has built the world's largest SMSC site (110K+ TPS with single site), the world's largest IPSMGW (500 million subs) and the world's largest 5G Messaging site (400+ million subs). 


Solutions Advantages

Most converged services
Convergence of 2G/3G/4G Messaging services(SMS/MMS/VMS, etc) and 5G Messaging services(SMSF/5GMC/5G IoT MSG).
Proved cloud solution
Fully compatible with mainstream VM suppliers
On the certification list of Redhat and VMware
Future-oriented architecture
Seamless evolution to add 5G messaging enablers
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