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5G iCube AIO Cloud-Network Solution Introduction

ZTE 5G iCube (industry Cube) AIO Cloud-Network solution for industry, oriented to the campus scenario, creates a light-weight 5G network close to users, constructs the cloud infrastructure driven by dual core of VM and container, and implements unified and simplified NM. It provides industry customers with connection and computing power resources through the on-demand synergy of cloud and network. In addition, pre-installation and on-site one-click provisioning greatly reduce the complexity of the deployment and maintenance of the private network. ZTE has made innovative breakthroughs in network construction, industrial application deployment modes, and end-to-end turnkey delivery of the integrated cloud and network.

ZTE 5G iCube AIO Cloud-Network solution achieves one-stop integration of cloud, network, industry and maintenance, which can meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing, energy, port, transportation, mine, medical treatment and video industries for connectivity and computing. It can support the integrated access of wireless and wired networks, and features such functions as private network voice, messaging and typical applications, and can be deploy in the enterprise campus or mobile access equipment room on demand. 

Based on different scenarios, ZTE 5G iCube has two models to provide differentiated network and computing  resources for the industry.

● iCube AIO cloud-network cabinet is the main form. Cloud network resources are deployed in a compact cabinet to meet the construction requirements of typical campus private networks.

● iCube cloud-network dual cabinets uses the dual standard racks with cloud network isolation mode to meet the application deployment requirements of super-large industries.

Solutions Advantages

Customizable building blocks
Modular function combination, application preset on demand, flexibly adapting to various campus scenarios
Unified cloud foundation
The unified cloud foundation (TCF) is based on high-density servers, improving resource utilization
Unified EMS and overall delivery reduce the complexity of provisioning and maintenance

Customer Value