Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Lightweight i5GC empowers 5G industry private networks and accelerates 5G To B applications

With the transformation and development of 5G from ToC to ToB, more and more industry customers have put forward the need to build a 5G ToB private core network. Since the industry-oriented 5G private network has different requirements for network reliability, security isolation, data confidentiality, device mobility, network control rights and other characteristics than 5G public networks, 5G public networks are difficult to meet the needs and be directly adopted. Therefore, it is necessary to provide customized private network services for the specific scenarios and needs of the industry.

To this end, ZTE has launched industry-specific i5GC (industry 5GC) products for both telecom operators and industries. ZTE i5GC integrates and optimizes on the basis of the standard 5GC, achieves extreme lightweight and enhanced industry features, provides a "simple" and "professional" full-scenario 5G industry private network solution, which not only meets the high communication requirements of operators for equipment , and also meet the exclusive needs of vertical industries for 5G private networks. ZTE i5GC is committed to provide netrwork capabilities of high bandwidth, low latency, mulitple accesses, high reliability and deterministic experience, and deep integration with AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, MEC and other technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of the entire industry.

Solutions Advantages

Simplified & highly integrated, ultra-low cost
Full scenarios
On-demand customization, flexible deployment
Easy O&M
End-to-end automation, less maintenance work

Customer Value