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SD-WAN Solution

During digital transformation, the network requirement model keeps changing. When local service computing is implemented on the cloud, the network shall not only enjoy stabler and faster WAN bandwidth, but also be more transparent to upper layer services. Conventional enterprise networks bothered by slow service provisioning, complicated maintenance of dedicated devices and expensive private lines have become a real obstacle to the digital transformation. ZTE Elastic SD-WAN solution employs software-defined networking (SDN)/network functions virtualization (NFV) standard architecture to provide integrated cloud intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M), as well as an all-in-one hardware platform. By virtualizing dedicated hardware, optimizing global traffic model and deploying value-added services on the cloud, the Elastic SD-WAN solution enhances the network bandwidth utilization, reduces the leased line cost, makes the service deployment easier and enables more flexible service evolution. It provides a brand-new way for the user to perform automated network management and enhance the enterprise service capabilities.


Service deployment efficiency


Bandwidth utilization increasing


CAPEX/OPEX decline
Customer Value
  • Redefine logical connections of WANs

    The solution provides the cloud intelligent platform, VNF core network components, integrated micro cloud gateway (MCG ), complete support for solutions and devices, in-depth control of Underlay networks and comprehensive architecture melting controllers, life cycle management and unified remote deployment of policies. The solution is proved applicable.
  • Redefine the WAN flow distribution

    App-aware-based traffic identification uses visible interfaces to display entire network topology and service deployment status.
    Dynamic WAN selection (WAS) is implemented on the basis of the real-time network status. According to different application requirements, the applications streams are evenly optimized to the links, which not only maximally protects the service quality, but also makes the best use of the WAN links.
  • Redefine the WAN applications

    All-in-one MCG hardware platform integrates multi-core service forwarding and universal computing provide enterprise branches with one-stop office-in-box services.
    VNF-based elastic capacity expansion enhances the network performance.
    Open services provided by a cloud ecosystem support third-party open lab pre-verification and preloading, which greatly shortens the service provisioning period.
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