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Resource Control Center for the Network Service and Slicing

ZXUN NSR (Network Function Service Repository) realizes the functions of NRF (NF Repository Function), NSSF (Network Slice Selection Function) and Gn-DNS in the 3GPP architecture. It supports NRF functions such as NF management, NF discovery and NF OAuth to help 5GC NFs & services realize plug and play. It supports NSSF functions such as network slice selection, NSSAI availability to help end users realize slice-level user experience. It supports multiple DNS query types such as A, AAAA, SRV, NAPTR and S-NAPTR and multiple DNS query modes such as recursive query and iterative query to meet the domain name parse requirements of NEs.

Products Advantages

Enable Deployment on Demand
Rich NRF deployment models
System disaster recovery

Reduce Investment

Convergence of NRF, NSSF and Gn-DNS
Smooth upgrade of DNS

Simplify O&M

One-click deployment
Elastic scaling

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • NRF

    NF Management

    Providing functions such as NF registration, NF update and NF subscription/notification, to achieve automation NF management in the 5GC SBA

    NF Discovery

    Providing NF & service dynamic discovery services for local NFs and roaming NFs

    Providing the multi-dimensional discovery filtering mechanism for intelligently matching the target NF 

    NF OAuth

    Providing an oAuth2-based authorization mechanism to prevent illegal NF access to the network and ensure network security of the communication between NFs

  • NSSF

    Network Slice Selection

    Providing information such as allowed NSSAI, configured NSSAI and target AMF set to the initial AMF to assist AMF to implement re-allocation

    Providing the NRF ID and NSI ID to AMF, to assist AMF to select SMF in local/roaming scenarios

    NSSAI Availability

    Providing TA-based NSSAI availability management and supporting subscription, unsubscription, update, notification and deletion for NSSAI-related availability information

  • Gn-DNS

    Providing the mobile network DNS function and supporting multiple query methods such as recursive query and iterative query