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Resource Control Center for the Network Service and Slicing

ZXUN NSR (Network Function Service Repository) includes NRF, NSSF and Gn-DNS:

  • NRF provides the registration and discovery of NF & service;
  • Gn-DNS provides the network slicing selection function;
  • Gn-DNS provides the domain name parse function.

Products Advantages

Enable Flexible Deployment on Demand
Rich NRF deployment model
System disaster recovery

Reduce Investment

Convergence of NRF, NSSF and Gn-DNS
DNS smooth upgrade

Simplify O&M

One-click deployment
Elastic scaling

Latest Function

If you want to know the latest functions, please send email to to apply for VIP user.

Major Function

  • NRF

    NF Management
    Providing functions such as NF registration, NF update and NF subscription/notification, to achieve automation NF management in the 5GC SBA
    NF Discovery
    Providing NF & service dynamic discovery service for local NFs and roaming NFs
    Providing the multi-dimensional discovery filtering mechanism for intelligently matching the target NF 
    NF OAuth
    Providing an oAuth2-based authorization mechanism to prevent illegal NF access to the network and ensure network security of the communication between NFs

  • NSSF

    Network Slice Selection
    Providing information such as allowed NSSAI, NSI ID and target AMF set to the initial AMF to assist AMF to implement re-allocation
    Providing the NRF ID and NSI ID to AMF, to assist AMF to select SMF in local/roaming scenarios
    NSSAI Availability
    Providing TA-based NSSAI availability management and supporting subscription, unsubscription, update, notification and deletion for NSSAI-related availability information

  • Gn-DNS

    Providing the mobile network DNS function and supporting multiple query methods such as recursive query, iterative query and S-NAPTR query