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SDN vDC Network Introduction

ZTE SDN vDC Network Solution integrates SDN technology seamlessly with OpenStack and K8S to build a multi-tenant virtualized data center (VDC) network through CUPS, centralized management and control, and open and programmable network architecture. The whole network is based on the overlay architecture of SDN. With the ZENIC vDC controller as the core, it supports open source OVS, self-developed DVS and 5900(X) series switches as VTEP. It supports M6000-S series routers, 9900(X)/5900(X) series switches, VEG virtual routers and SmartNIC as SDN gateways. Through external cooperation, it supports automatic service distribution of mainstream software and hardware FW, LB and VPN in the industry. To meet diversified requirements of different traffic, cost model and transformation/creation, ZTE provides hybrid overlay, host overlay and network overlay solution to protect the customer's investment to the maximum extent. It has built-in microsegmentation security and automatic security policy for mutual access among multiple security domains, supports the interconnection of multiple DCs and centralized control of remote miniaturized DCs, to provide customers with intelligent, open and secure cloudified DC networks.

Solutions Advantages

Super-large-scale networking
The controller cluster supports 2K VTEP, meeting the capability of super-large DC.
Automatic service deployment
With all devices in the network supporting automatic deployment and following VM migration policies, network services can be rapidly innovated and deployed.
Intelligent O&M
End-to-end fault detection and accurate service quality detection, effectively reduce network maintenance costs.

Customer Value