SDN vDC Network Solution

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SDN vDC Network Solution

ZTE virtualization data center solution adopts the SDN technology and brand-new network system architecture known for user plane and control plane separation (U/C separation), centralized control and management, remarkable openness and superior programmability to build data center networks. The network is based on the SDN Overlay architecture. The SDN controller takes responsibility for controlling the infrastructure. By offering network management interfaces on the cloud platform, it enables automatic network configuration. With VxLAN encapsulation, the overlay network requiring no changes to the underlying networks provides lots of network services, for instance, multiple tenants, big L2 service, automatic on-demand deployment and configuration. The underlay network ensures the connectivity of the underlying networks, including the computing network and storage network.


Quick network construction
Service TTM (Time to Market) decline
From months to weeks


Tenant services auto-deployment
Service online interval decline
From weeks to hours


Simplified O&M
Fault location time decline
From hours to minutes
Customer Value
  • Multiple networking modes, reducing TCO

    Support hybrid overlay, software overlay and EVPN overlay solution; support software vTEP, hardware vTEP; support hardware gateway and software gateway; support vSwitch, SR-IOV, bare metal and container workload, covering all kind of virtualized use cases, to provide the customers with the most competitive solutions.
  • Distributed routing architecture, improving the forwarding efficiency

    The ZTE SDN network solution provides distributed routing architecture. This architecture is supported by a virtual switch or ToR switch under the management of an SDN controller. This reduces the minimum number of layer-3 forwarding routes to 1, and halves the required capacity of a gateway as estimated. The distributed routing architecture can automatically break down items through an SDN controller. This greatly simplifies the required configurations, dramatically reduces time delays for distributing network service configurations in a cloud environment, and significantly increases the forwarding efficiency of a network.
  • Providing complete network security solution, ensuring high security

    The DVS is a ZTE virtual switch that supports a connection track, a lightweight eastbound or westbound L4 firewall, and micro-segment security protection. It has two advantages: high performance and high security. The ZTE cloud network solution is an all-around solution that provides information security for a cloud network. This solution is compatible with third-party hardware firewall devices, supports firewall nano-tubes, and provides northbound or southbound inter-tenant firewall isolation.