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Carrier-Class Cloud Storage and Data Sharing

Cloud Unified Data Repository integrates UDR and UDSF to realize the unified storage and management of subscriber data in 2/3/4/5G/IMS network, and realize the unified data layer function in wireless communication network.

As UDR, it implements the storage and management of structured data, including 2/3/4/5G/IMS user subscription data, ability exposure data, application data and policy data.

As UDSF, it implements the storage and management of unstructured data, including service session information, user status information and so on.

Based on the unified data layer function, service processing network elements can store data in Cloud Unified Data Repository , thus realizing stateless and load-sharing service components and building a flexible and extended network.

Products Advantages

Cloud Native and Micro-Service Architecture
Service independent maintenance
Service automation arrangement
Component registration and discovery

Unified Access Control

Unified access authentication
Unified access authorization
Internal topology hiding

Unified Memory Database Engine, High Performance

Unified data storage model
Unified and efficient memory management
Efficient user-level data access

Latest Function

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Major Function

    • Supporting Multi Data Access Interfaces for 2/3/4/5G and IMS network, providing unified data storage and management;
    • Unified High Performance Memory DB Engine: using a unified data storage model to achieve high-performance data access;
    • Unified Access Control: accessing user data through UAGW, a universal access data gateway;
    • Unified View Control: DIT view model used for structured data, and Key-Value view model used for unstructured data;
    • Unified Distributed Management and Control: adopting micro-service architecture, and LCM and O&M based on service granularity;
    • Unified System Management for UDR and UDSF.

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