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Unified Cloud Management Solution

With the rapid development of cloud computing technology, there are more types of cloud products, resources among different cloud types are difficult to share, resource utilization is low, and energy consumption is increased. At the same time, the dramatic increase in the size of DC has led to a significant increase in the cost of O&M.

ZTE provides TECS Director, a unified cloud management solution, for multiple data centers, to achieve unified management of IT infrastructure, unified management of heterogeneous resource pools, and unified management of hybrid clouds to help customers improve management efficiency.

The unified cloud management solution consists of the following sections:

1) Self-Service: for the end user to apply for and use the cloud services.

2) Operation Management: a unified operation and management for all the products in system.

3) O&M: centralized operation and maintenance of the whole network.

4) Cloud Resource Management: Turn distributed resources into one logically-unified cloud resource pool and provide unified management of these resources.

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