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orchestrator introduction
With the deepening of the process of network virtualization, networks are transforming from a vertical silo architecture to a horizontal layered architecture. How to perform hierarchical orchestration and management according to the different characteristics and needs of each level has become a big challenge of the virtual network. In order to perform hierarchical orchestration management of virtual network, ZTE launched the end-to-end orchestration portfolio, achieving unified control and scheduling of network functions, network slices and network resources. ZTE orchestration products realize closed-loop network function management, supporting automated VNF lifecycle management, automated full lifecycle management of NS (Network Service) and 5G slice, unified management of NFVO/VNFM/EMS/VIM, and unified management of virtual network and traditional physical network, and also achieving end-to-end unified design, orchestration, provisioning, and O&M of service and network resources. ZTE provides customers with the end-to-end orchestration management functions covering all the services and all the scenarios of new and old networks, so as to help customers achieving virtualization transformation.


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