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Government cloud storage solution Introduction

ZTE government cloud solutions for government cloud construction, ZTE adhering to the open, compatible, flexible and innovative principle, adopt the design framework of open source technology, the ZTE openstack+ceph enhanced Telecom cloud solutions, providing a unified operation and management, according to the arrangement of resources, not only to meet the needs of the construction of the government, at the same time the maximum degree of old equipment utilization, reduce government expenditure, provide resource utilization.

At the same time, according to the business data, the IO model establishes the corresponding QoS policy for the business, and prevents the business performance jitter caused by the resource preemption between each other. According to the business type and the isolation requirement, the resource isolation and disaster recovery domain scheme is customized to minimize the impact of data recovery on the client IO under the abnormal circumstances, and the availability of the data is enhanced.

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