Embrace Virtualization

Facilitating operators to achieve digital transformation

Success Cases

With the increasing degree of informatization in society, the demand for digital applications is bursting out. All walks of life are embracing the digital transformation. Compared with IT, the telecom industry cannot innovate quickly and agilely, resulting in long time-to-market of new services. Only by accelerating the digital transformation, telecom operators can seize business opportunities in the future fully-connected society. ZTE is going to facilitate the ICT convergence and digital transformation through its rich experience in NFV commercialization.

Opensource Contributions

At present, ZTE has joined more than 70 open source and standardization organizations, is the Platinum Member of LF Networking(LFN),Platinum Member of LF Deep Learning , Platinum Member of Ceph, Gold Member of Openstack, and Gold Member of CNCF. ZTE works with industry mainstream vendors to start all aspects of cooperation, participates in open source communities, and is committed to creating an open and win-win industry ecosystem.

Case Video

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Europe's First 5G SA based voice and data call

VOO & ZTE Joint Interview

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