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Container Fuels Cloud Native Network Evolution

The TECS OpenPalette container cloud platform is oriented to the ICT realm in the industry. It, which is based on the Docker container engine technology and Kubernetes cluster management technology, provides its users with lightweight virtualized container cloud solution. The platform, together with the core value and best practice of ZTE accumulated in the past over 30 years in the ICT realm, helps constitute a more elastic and more agile network in the NFV realm and assists enterprises to build an effective cloud platform and capability enabling platform in the cloud computing era. The TECS OpenPalette platform is a unified cloud platform oriented to the ICT realm:

1)Oriented to implementation (virtual layer/hardware layer): universal technology layer with elastic, efficient, and ultra-performance.

2)Oriented to service (capability layer/service layer): capability service layer with sharing and on-demand evolution.

3)Oriented to O&M operation: unified O&M management, one-station service portal.

Products Advantages

Openness & Compatibility
On-Intrusive Modification
Native APIs & Enhanced APIs
Multiple Container Engines

Telecom Enhancements

Performance Enhancements
99.999% Reliability
Intelligent O&M

Efficient Integration

Microservice Architecture
Hierarchical Decoupling

Latest Function

If you want to know the latest functions, please send email to to apply for VIP user.

Major Function

  • Lightweight Container Resource Pool (CaaS)

    It provides a basic container runtime support platform that regards open source Docker and Kubernetes as the core, and open-source optional enhancements for compute/storage/network to meet the high-performance needs of the telecommunications industry. At the same time, it provides local container product warehouse services, unified login and tenant operation portals, and platform deployment and management services.

  • Infrastructure Service Component

    It provides rich middlewares on the basis of supporting the CaaS basic operation and enhanced middlewares in the telecom realm. In addition, it provides middleware supports and custody services for its tenants upon service orchestration.   

  • COS

    It provides the capability exposure service frame based on the API lifecycle to provide the platform support for its customers to realize effective DevOps implementation on OpenPalette.

  • OPS+

    It provides smart O&M services based on the machine learning and expert system to provide the policy support for its customers to realize efficient help and big data analysis services. 

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