Simplified Network

Building efficient, intelligent, and open telecom clouds

Assurance Introduction

Network virtualization promotes further decoupling of hardware and software, and the ecosystem is more open. How to achieve unified E2E monitoring and unified operation and maintenance management of service and resources of an cross-domain, cross-vendor hybrid network is an urgent need for operators’ network operation and maintenance transformation. ZTE provides the cloud-based operation and maintenance products that enables the full life-cycle monitoring and assurance management of traditional and virtual network resources. The products cover comprehensive monitoring, intelligent analysis and electronic operation and maintenance processes, support alarm and performance management, unified view of multiple vendor KPI management , support alarm analysis - intelligent strategy - closed loop repair capability for faults self-healing. Through the flexible configuration of the electronic operation and maintenance process, it meets the needs of various types of operation and maintenance processes, and the intelligent operation and maintenance APP helps to improve the efficiency of field operation and maintenance, and intelligent scheduling of operation and maintenance resources.

Latest Function

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Major Function

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